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Dr. Elaine Ingham

                             Identifying Organisms

These People that have taken the Microscope class with Dr. Ingham, have practiced using their microscope, shared photos with Dr. Ingham, discussed their findings with Dr. Ingham, and are confidant that they can help other people identify organisms, are listed here.

Practice is al important in maintaining skills and developing knowledge further. we will develop a wider and wider base of knowledge as more people encounter all the myriad of organisms that exist in soil.  Which in turns leads to a better understanding of what exactly is in different soils, in different climates, and with different organic matter and plants.

The listings below give the person's name, their location, e-mail contact.

The idea is that you will find the person closest to you, contact them, bring or send your samples to them for assessment of total bacterial biomass, total fungal biomass, numbers of the different active protozoa, and numbers of the different functional groups of nematodes. With a little more development, we hope to also perform active endo-mycorrhizal colonization of roots.

For people who would like to have their names on this list, so their services can also be offered to clients, please contact: Dr. Elaine R. Ingham, or by Skype, elaine.ingham in Corvallis, OR.


Canadian Lab Testing Services
: Vivian Kaloxilos, 266 rue Lawrence, #231, Green Field Park, Qc, Canada J4V 2Z4.

Harrington's Organic Landcare Lab Services: 70 Highland Park Drive, Bloomfield, CT 06002,, Office Phone: 860-243-8733 x 11, Fax: 860-882-0271, Website:

 Interpretations of test data can be included or excluded. If you want organic product recommendations based on a biological soil test, a phone consultation will need to be scheduled with one of our staff members. 

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