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Dr. Elaine Ingham

                 Booking Dr. Elaine Ingham For Events

What are the dates you would be interested in having Elaine come out and speak? What specifically would you like to have her talk about? She needs a power point projector, a white board with eraser, and dryboard markers. If you want her to do hands-on work, then she would need to plan that out with respect to compost, compost extract/tea, and/or microscope training and organism ID.

She asks that your organization buy the shuttle to the airport and back (or have someone pick her up at the airport and return her to that airport), round trip plane fare to the closest airport (prefer United Airlines), hotel with good internet connections, food, and $3,500 per day when Elaine speaks. Elaine will invoice you before the event, then you pay her after the event. Please also complete the attached PDF Form email it to to begin the process.

Elaine Ingham Speaker Contract.2015.pdf
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